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A quick little side project made by Joseph Hatcher, from the Summer of 2014. You decide what you want to be measured against while playing.

How long can you survive? How high of a score can you get? How many lives can you stack?

Read the title screen instructions to understand the gameplay. Arrow keys move circle ship, mouse points in direction you want to shoot, hold down left click to fire continuously.

This was a fun little game to make, as I learned a lot about how to make the zombie shapes follow you, and moving the the star field background.

Everything you see and hear was made by me, except for when you lose lives, that is a classic scream ;) It was made in a couple of Saturdays in July of 2014, as my own kind of quick game jam, with Clickteam's Fusion!

This game is also on Newgrounds, Kongregate, and has been copied to numerous other game portals worldwide.

On itch.io, you can download the FREE Windows executable, with gamepad support for the left analog stick (tested on a generic PC USB gamepad, and Wii Classic Controller Pro connected to a Mayflash USB adapter for PC). Left analog stick controls movement, mouse controls 360 degrees of shooting. I haven't been able to get the right analog stick to work right on the PC version. Go to File > Players to select a gamepad with analog sticks.

It is easier to play the PC version, and has a cooler background too!

More information

Published 1 year ago
PlatformsWindows, Flash
Release date 3 years ago
AuthorHatcher Technomantics
Tags8-bit, Abstract, Action, Arcade, dualstick, gamejam, geometry-wars, monochrome, pc, robotron

Install instructions

If you decide to download the Windows build of this game, the installer is self contained and will go through the normal install process for the game. It only install the game and icons for the game.

System Requirements: Not much, it is a 2d game in a small resolution. 1-2Ghz CPU, 1-2GB or RAM or more needed. Intel GPUs from the last 6 years or newer, and almost anything from nVidia and AMD/ATI should be able to handle it just fine.

Install Steps:
- Download to a folder on your computer where you keep your installers.

- Double click or Run/initiate the install program to begin

- Follow steps within installer, choose choices you want.

- Finish installation process > Enjoy! 8)

Previously scanned by MS Security Essentials and Kaspersky, but always check files that you download.

Tested on Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 with the latest Service Packs for 2014, and on Win 7 in 2016.


TermaNULL1978PC.exe (2 MB)

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